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Brewing & Extraction

A pour-over option adds an additional element of theatre and sophistication to any coffee program. In this program, you'll learn extraction principles as well how to navigate the ever-expanding amount of pour over devices/styles. You can also focus on one in particular if you have one you're looking to use at your location.

Bar Service

Looking to attract the late night crowd as well? Our mixologists can design cocktails to pair with both your coffee and your menu. Then we can work on proper bar habits to deliver consistency. You'll leave with new options to offer, an outline of areas to focus going-forward, and some helpful exercises to make sure you keep developing even after the class is over.


Espresso service requires precision, but more importantly, an even deeper knowledge of extraction principles. Take a boot camp to learn espresso bar management, proper layering of flavor along with frothing techniques. Espresso is a style that magnifies the coffee you use; both the highlights and the mistakes so it requires an extra level of training.


Roasting is something that takes years to master. Let our roasters give you a glimpse behind the curtain. Get an insider's view on the science of roasting, how different styles and development can impact flavor, as well as the mechanics of roasting. All of this is done with a view to the whole of the coffee supply chain from farm to cup.


Tasting is both an art and a science. This class will help you to learn how to taste objectively both by how you approach things and your personal sensitivities. From there we will explore the full range of things that can impact flavor from terroir, processing, varietals, roasting, brewing, storage and more.

Cafe Management

The best coffee program is the one that is tackled from both sides. Your staff can have all the training in the world, but they need leadership to help support them in order to be a cohesive team. The cafe management course will cover a high-level view of what a coffee program brings to the business. We will talk margins, supply chain, expenses (and how to mitigate them), and then set out a guide to help you best support your team.

Perfect Pairing

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Bespoke Solutions

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