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Fiddlehead branded coffees delivered at wholesale rates. These are the staples of any coffee lineup that can pair with a wide variety of menus.

Current Lineup:

Woodland Blend

Woodland is our in-house espresso. We love it because it's rich and complex enough to be served as straight espresso, but the chocolate and toasted nut notes pair perfectly with milk. Adding a touch of berry on the finish, Woodland is incredible as espresso, but does well in a French press too.

Oak Savannah

Oak Savannah is our house drip coffee. It's meant to be versatile enough to please connoisseurs, but not be in-accessible to those not used to specialty coffee. A bit darker than the Woodland, Oak Savannah is the crowd-pleaser workhorse that a great coffee program is built on.

Featured Single-Origins

Looking to make your coffee program stand head and shoulders above the rest? Look no further. Our featured single-origin line is meant for those who want to make their coffee stand out. We offer a schedule of single-origin coffees that rotate with seasonality. This guarantees that you're always getting the freshest beans available.

Driftless Decaf

The time for decaf being ignored is over. Decaf has been gaining in popularity year after year and those that drink it are tired of coming in second. Our Driftless Decaf starts with specialty Colombian beans and processed using a decaffeination method derived from cane sugar. Something like methylene chloride never gets near it. The result is a sustainable, chemical-free product that tastes incredible.

Boreal Cold Brew

Made specifically for cold brew, and named for the coldest place that plants still grow, Boreal is a summer staple. However, as a Minnesota-based company we know it certainly has a place year-round. This is a decadent blend that we used to answer the question, "How much chocolate notes can naturally be in a coffee without adding anything?" The answer is a lot. Search all you want, we didn't add anything. It's 100% ethically sourced arabica specialty coffee.

Last Harvest

The perfect after-dinner coffee that we developed for fine dining clients. This roast is the darkest we offer, but certainly isn't burnt. Rich, luxurious, and the finale to something wonderful. Look for deep chocolate notes that opens with a dash of blueberry as it cools. This is meant for those looking for something with their dessert to keep the night going.

Looking for something not on the list?

Using the experience of our roasters and baristas, we can find a custom profile to pair with your specific requirements. Try the bespoke treatment.

Bespoke Coffee

Next Steps:

Access to purchase wholesale items is available only with a wholesale agreement. Contact us and we can customize a solution for you for the products and volume you need.